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Why Echo is the only loyalty program you need to join

Posted on 2017-05-29

We all want a wallet that’s bursting at the seams, but not because we’ve collected too many loyalty cards! With different loyalty programs for so many stores, it may seem impossible to find one that fits your lifestyle.

Introducing Echo. We’re a brand-new loyalty program that helps customers save money and gives business owners a new way to reward loyal clients through an online platform and mobile app. Echo empowers businesses and their customers by introducing engaging, yet simple tools to connect them.

Customers can download the mobile app absolutely free and businesses can easily sign up for Echo. Echo offers tons of exciting benefits for customers and a simple way for businesses to grow. So why should customers sign up for Echo? Here are just a few reasons!

Echo gives you credits on an easy to use app

We know – a lot of companies offer rewards programs. But Echo is different because it’s one card and one app that connects you to tons of local businesses, right from your phone! There’s no need carry around a stack of points cards because you can use your Echo app, even if you forgot your wallet.

You’ll also be able to see how many Echo credits you have on your personal app. All you need to do is scan your Echo code, gain credits, and give feedback to the business to receive even more rewards!

You’ll be rewarded in a way that makes sense to you

When you start using Echo, you’ll be rewarded in “Echo Credits,” which are in dollar amounts. No more trying to figure out those confusing “point systems” that just don’t make sense!

With Echo, you’ll know exactly what you’ve earned and how businesses are rewarding you, so there’s never any question about what you can redeem.

Echo connects you to the community

When you download the Echo app, you’ll receive promotions so you know what’s happening in your local area and you’ll see what great businesses are around you.

Echo allows you to give reviews, provide feedback, and join the social media platform that Echo offers. People are the most important part of any business and Echo’s rewards system recognizes that by providing customers with what they actually want.

Echo is the future of loyalty programs because communication is what drives sales. If you’re a business owner, it’s time to start attracting your customers using Echo today. If you’re a customer, then it’s time to earning your Echo credits – go ahead, you deserve them!

Are you a business owner? Sign up now for Echo. If you’re a customer ready to start benefiting from simply shopping, you can download the app here.


How to use Echo to Grow Your Small Business

Posted on 2017-06-29


If you read any sales book, blog or article – they’re all going to give the same advice: connect with your customers! But how do you do this? Your customers are busy and they probably don’t have the time to come in and give you a favourable review, or even to have an in-depth conversation about their day.

If you’re a business owner looking to make meaningful connections with your customers, then Echo Dashboard, for business owners, is absolutely for you. Here’s why.

Make meaningful connections

What is a meaningful connection? Traditionally, it was perhaps a long chat when helping a repeat customer, and little by little, getting to know them and making an impression. But it’s harder to define today, in our busy, digital world! It’s getting more difficult to connect with customers because everyone is time-pressed.

Enter Echo. Our loyalty program helps customers save money and gives business owners a new way to reward loyal customers through our mobile app. Customers can easily review your business, and even complete surveys so you can serve your customers better and grow your business.

Obtain powerful insights

Echo offers tools that give you insights about your customers, like what items certain people like and the age groups that frequent your business the most often. As a business owner, you can’t be there all the time, but Echo makes it easy to collect this information about customers so you can serve them better.

Other insights include customer gender and their time of entry. What you choose to do with this knowledge is completely up to you, but knowing your market can make all the difference when it comes to sales.

Customer integrated surveys are another valuable way to gain insights into your market using Echo. Filling out the short surveys will reward your customers with Echo rewards, so there’s an incentive for them to provide feedback. You create the surveys, so you get the detailed information that you want!

Utilize for promotion of sales  

Sales are meant to be a short-term solution to boost profits. But signs often don’t get the reach you need to really promote your business! On Echo, you can easily promote your sales on the platform. And best of all, both existing and new customers can see this promotion.

As any good business owner knows, it’s not all about getting new clients, but making sure your older ones are coming back as well!

Echo is the future of loyalty programs because as you can see, connecting with and getting to know your customers is one of the most important ways of driving sales! If you’re a business owner, it’s time to start attracting customers using Echo today.


Babas Doner House in Echo

Posted on 2017-07-29

After our test period, we are proud to announce that Echomybiz has done tremendously. In our first 5 months, we have brought 9,000 users to our platform, generating over 16,000 transactions, and we only see this number growing in the future. In this blog, we would like to welcome one of our newest partner, Baba’s Doner House! Located at 1120 Queen St W, this is the go to spot for Mediterranean dinners. A family-owned restaurant, you are guaranteed to taste authentic flavours of the middle east. Stop by to start collecting your credits!